What is a BlueRabbit?

We constantly look for easy digestible and fun ways to make insights tangible and concrete as well as easy to use, from this thinking BlueRabbit originated. 

Once a methodology we thought of and this has now grown into a brand. 

It still makes me smile when I hear people shout out; “that’s a BlueRabbit!”


believe it or not;

every day we have vivid conversations with the BlueRabbits that live in our mind. 

Some of these BlueRabbits are limiting or even blocking us to move forward, while other BlueRabbits are helping and even strengthening us. 




Do I spot a BlueRabbit®?

BlueRabbit® stands for all of the limiting and reinforcing beliefs in our mind about ourselves, others and the company you work for.


We use BlueRabbit as a metaphor to consciously challenge you, your team and your organization on these assumptions and beliefs you have.


With the aim to grow and develop new roots and to consciously jump steps ahead.

We all know there are BlueRabbits which we talk with every day. Therefor it seems so easy and evident to openly

 discuss how they influence our approach and cooperation, yet we don’t because there is always a reason what keeps us of having these vulnerable and honest conversations. 
Jonas, Web Developer, Appwise

What is the BlueRabbit-effect?

Our BlueRabbit approach workshops helps you in a  no-nonsense, airy way to assess your strengths and cooperation as a team. 

therefor it enables teams quickly to go to the essence and move forward to more successful behaviour and cooperation.


BlueRabbit helps you …


  • to recognize and understand how thinking and behaviour influences each other and how behaviour triggers other behaviour
  • to realise how your thougths impact your own behaviour and the behaviour of others
  • to think of specific actions yourself where you consciously use those BlueRabbits that help your team and yourself ahead. 

What happens after a BlueRabbit workshop?

You haven’t only mastered the talent of recognising, spotting and shooting BlueRabbits.

You will also have chosen together with your team those BlueRabbits you want to breed and foster.

You will be able to manage your BlueRabbits so you can chose that behaviour that brings out the best of you and your team.



Getting on with it digitally


to keep the insights alive after the session and the conversation going, we have developed the BlueRabbit-app.

This helps teams to continue their search of BlueRabbits in a simple, stimulating and playful way.  
What does the app do?

  • Spotting BlueRabbits.
  • Earning carrots.
  • Giving Feedback about each other’s BlueRabbits
  • Following up Actions
  • The sniffle pot and BlueRabbit button will keep you alert about the BlueRabbits entering your meetings
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