“Where do you get these weird words from?”

The past few months we have all experienced what it feels like to be constantly adapting to a changing reality but also not quite knowing when what is changing.

Liminality is the phase of in-between. A transition phase, anthropologically that includes transition rites.
At Blue Rabbit, we also felt this phase: going from overflowing agendas full of face2face team interventions to nothing at all, and then the demand to digitize a lot.

It was a phase of switching, rapid learning, ambiguity, uncertainty, new discoveries, ….
We were challenged ourselves to do what we say 🙂

In our learning process, we invited 20 warm contacts to take on this challenge with us, learn together, survive together, share together,…
In this 100 days challenge we warmly shared and exchanged with each other


  • how to stimulate happy hormones, even now
  • serendipity digital and maintain connection
  • the beauty of liminality
  • Blue Rabbit and Covid
  • fear and emotions


Want to discover for yourself what we discovered during the 100 day challenge? Then be sure to take a look.

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