No not again a feedback workshop

Why doe we repetitively invest in feedback workshops for teams to motivate them to speak up and exchange feedback spontaneously?


The approach of a question can be very diverse:

  • help us get our noses in the same direction because we do not all think the same things are important in our team
  • our team is constantly changing, how do we avoid having to start all over again?
  • we do not really say to each other what we think and what we need

Usually our customers have also already tried a lot before we get the question. 

And by the time we get there most team members have an aversion towards being forced do give feedback during a workshop: “this doesn’t feel natural”.  No wonder that the habit doesn’t stick afterwards.


So from there, we are always thinking, ” what can really start a movement?”

Our approach is getting then to do it without noticing their doing it, getting people to do it naturally so they feel it is comfortable to repeat it after the session.


If you also want to know how we did this, be sure to contact us.

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