What we do

What exactly are we doing?

Organizational coaching is the permanent alignment of goals, structures, tasks, processes, functions and competencies with the challenges the company faces, taking into account the undercurrents that continuously influence these processes.

We facilitate companies in realizing this organizational development from a process management perspective.
Our vision is that you yourself have the best insight into the strengths and possible pitfalls within your company.
We help you to take distance and to come up with your own solutions.
In this context we also like to work with a broad group of people within the organization.
In this way we optimally use the available knowledge and create a support base from within for the changes that the company wants to implement in the future.

Curious about what process guidance exactly entails?

No one person functions as an island. The difference in a project, the speed and quality of a result is often influenced by the collaboration. In the undercurrent of this collaboration, all sorts of things happen.
As coaches, we notice that each team member often wants essentially the same thing: To achieve the best possible result together.
Team coaching can be a refreshing way to get everyone on the same page and to look forward as a real team.

  • Do you want to start a process to explore this undercurrent within your team? 
  • Do you want to start an essential conversation among your colleagues to make (further) progress? 
  • Do you want to form 1 team with support and conviction? 


If these questions are on your mind, we will gladly facilitate this process for you.
Depending on your question we will work out a customized program.

  • For every director, senior manager and entrepreneur who needs a solid sounding board.

  • For anyone who occasionally runs up against their own limits, regularly thinks themselves stuck and spins in a circle without fresh input.

  • For anyone who wastes time on things that consume energy, instead of focusing on your optimal self.


You can think out loud, talk freely and you will be held up to a mirror that will help you make choices, reflect on yourself and determine what you need to keep functioning well.
We ask questions that matter and go to the essence.
We provoke from trust and commitment.
We keep going until it’s done, not stretching for the sake of stretching, we’d like to be redundant quickly.
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